How the NEW Canadian Women’s Team Still Owned the 2018 Olympics

Why do I say "NEW" in the title? It's known that Canada's Women's team remains largely intact from one Olympics to the next, based on the good old "if it ain't broke don't fix it" mentality. However, although most of the roster remained the same from 2014 to 2018, the pieces that did change were … Continue reading How the NEW Canadian Women’s Team Still Owned the 2018 Olympics

Team Canada’s Biggest Nobodies

I realize "nobodies" is a fairly negative word, it implies irrelevancy and a sense that those categorized¬†under this word are lesser than. Objectively though, that is the case when you look at Team Canada's Olympic Men's Hockey roster compared to the talent of the current NHL superstars. However even though it's obvious that if NHL … Continue reading Team Canada’s Biggest Nobodies

What I Want to See out of Brock Boeser over All-Star Weekend

All-Star weekend, does it matter? No, not really, but if you decide to buy into it a little, and not get bogged down in the cynicism, then the All-Star spectacle can actually be fun to watch. Sure it means more to some players than others, but when you have guys like Alex Ovechkin blocking shots … Continue reading What I Want to See out of Brock Boeser over All-Star Weekend

The Effectiveness of Gulutzan’s Stick Throw

Edit (1/19/18): The Gulutzan info-graphic previously stated that the Flames' combined goal differential, for their 5 games before the stick throw was "-7". However, it was actually "-1" and the info-graphic has been adjusted accordingly, apologies for the error. Sometimes a little motivation goes a long way, whether that's figurative, regarding the emotional impact of … Continue reading The Effectiveness of Gulutzan’s Stick Throw

8 Elite 2018 WJC Players Owned By The Worst NHL Teams

Being a dedicated hockey fan to a struggling team can test anyone's patience, there are few things harder in a hockey fans world than waiting for his/her team to turn it around. Although while the fans wait and watch their current team, prospects in leagues below are proving their worth, and await the chance to … Continue reading 8 Elite 2018 WJC Players Owned By The Worst NHL Teams

Semi Finals: Jan 4th – Results

Belarus VS Denmark 2 - 3 Record (0-2) Relegation (2-0)¬†Relegation Goals Sushko, Litivinov Schmidt Svejstrup, Rondbjerg, Nielsen Next Game RELEGATED WJC 2019 United States VS Sweden 2 - 4 Record (4-2) (6-0) Goals Bellows, Tkachuk ¬†Lindstrom, Jonsson Fjallby, Pettersson, Steen Next Game Jan 5th 4:00pm EST vs. Czech Republic Jan 5th 8:00pm EST vs. Canada … Continue reading Semi Finals: Jan 4th – Results

Quarter Finals: Jan 2nd – Results

Finland VS Czech Republic 3 - 4 Record (1-4) (3-2) Goals Juolevi, Rasanen, Vesalainen Zadina (2), Reichel, Necas Next Game ELIMINATED Jan 4nd 8:00pm EST vs. Canada Belarus VS Denmark 4 - 5 Record (0-1) Relegation (1-0) Relegation Goals Yeryomenko, Drozdov, Litvinov, Martynov Blichfeld (2), Grundtvig, Schultz, Rondbjerg Next Game Jan 4th 12:00pm EST vs. … Continue reading Quarter Finals: Jan 2nd – Results

Day 6: Dec 31st – Results

Czech Republic VS Switzerland 6 - 3 Record (2-2) (1-3) Goals Reichel (2), Kaut, Kurovsky, Necas, Lauko Riva, Jager, Rohrbach Next Game Jan 2nd 12:00pm EST vs. Finland Jan 2nd 4:00pm EST vs. Canada Finland VS United States 4 - 5 Record (1-3) (3-1) Goals Koppanen, Rasanen, Vesalainen, Tolvanen Anderson (2), Frederic, Mittelstadt, Fox Next … Continue reading Day 6: Dec 31st – Results

Day 5: Dec 30th – Results

Belarus VS Czech Republic 5 - 6 Record (0-4) (2-1) Goals Sharangovich (2), Gabrus, Drozdov, Martynov Pavlik (2), Zachar, Zadina, Hajek, Chytil Next Game Jan 2nd 2:00pm EST vs. Denmark Dec 31th 12:00pm EST vs. Switzerland Switzerland VS Sweden 2 - 7 Record (1-2) (3-0) Goals Muller, Miranda Andersson (2), Pettersson (2), Soderlund, Zetterlund, Jonsson … Continue reading Day 5: Dec 30th – Results