Semi Finals: Jan 4th – Results

Belarus VS Denmark 2 - 3 Record (0-2) Relegation (2-0) Relegation Goals Sushko, Litivinov Schmidt Svejstrup, Rondbjerg, Nielsen Next Game RELEGATED WJC 2019 United States VS Sweden 2 - 4 Record (4-2) (6-0) Goals Bellows, Tkachuk  Lindstrom, Jonsson Fjallby, Pettersson, Steen Next Game Jan 5th 4:00pm EST vs. Czech Republic Jan 5th 8:00pm EST vs. Canada … Continue reading Semi Finals: Jan 4th – Results

Quarter Finals: Jan 2nd – Results

Finland VS Czech Republic 3 - 4 Record (1-4) (3-2) Goals Juolevi, Rasanen, Vesalainen Zadina (2), Reichel, Necas Next Game ELIMINATED Jan 4nd 8:00pm EST vs. Canada Belarus VS Denmark 4 - 5 Record (0-1) Relegation (1-0) Relegation Goals Yeryomenko, Drozdov, Litvinov, Martynov Blichfeld (2), Grundtvig, Schultz, Rondbjerg Next Game Jan 4th 12:00pm EST vs. … Continue reading Quarter Finals: Jan 2nd – Results

Day 6: Dec 31st – Results

Czech Republic VS Switzerland 6 - 3 Record (2-2) (1-3) Goals Reichel (2), Kaut, Kurovsky, Necas, Lauko Riva, Jager, Rohrbach Next Game Jan 2nd 12:00pm EST vs. Finland Jan 2nd 4:00pm EST vs. Canada Finland VS United States 4 - 5 Record (1-3) (3-1) Goals Koppanen, Rasanen, Vesalainen, Tolvanen Anderson (2), Frederic, Mittelstadt, Fox Next … Continue reading Day 6: Dec 31st – Results

Day 5: Dec 30th – Results

Belarus VS Czech Republic 5 - 6 Record (0-4) (2-1) Goals Sharangovich (2), Gabrus, Drozdov, Martynov Pavlik (2), Zachar, Zadina, Hajek, Chytil Next Game Jan 2nd 2:00pm EST vs. Denmark Dec 31th 12:00pm EST vs. Switzerland Switzerland VS Sweden 2 - 7 Record (1-2) (3-0) Goals Muller, Miranda Andersson (2), Pettersson (2), Soderlund, Zetterlund, Jonsson … Continue reading Day 5: Dec 30th – Results

Day 4: Dec 29th – Results

Russia VS Belarus 5 - 2 Record (2-1) (0-3) Goals Kostin (2), Rubtsov, Polodyan, Kayumov Deryabin, Pischuk Next Game Dec 31th 8:00pm EST vs. Sweden Dec 30th 12:00pm EST vs. Czech Republic United States VS Canada 4-3 Record (2-1) (2-1) Goals Bellows (2), Tkachuk, Perunovich Makar, Dube, Katchouk Next Game Dec 30th 8:00pm EST vs. Denmark … Continue reading Day 4: Dec 29th – Results

Day 1: Dec 26th – Results

  Czech Republic VS Russia 5 - 4 Record (1-0) (0-1) Goals Kral, Chytil, Necas, Zadina, Safin Syomin, Kayumov, Polodyan, Sholokhov Next Game Dec 28th 42:00pm EST vs. Sweden Dec 28th 12:00pm EST vs. Switzerland Sweden VS Belarus 6 - 1 Record (1-0) (0-1) Goals  Andersson (2), Gustafsson, Pettersson, Brannstrom, Boqvist Sharangovich Next Game Dec … Continue reading Day 1: Dec 26th – Results

5 First Line Defencemen That Need To Step It Up

So far this season has been all about subverting expectations. Whether it's positively, with the Vegas Golden Knights performing above expectations, or negatively with last years Norris Trophy contenders underperforming. Needless to say, no one was expecting this season to go the way it has so far, and surely among that group are some of the … Continue reading 5 First Line Defencemen That Need To Step It Up