What I Want to See out of Brock Boeser over All-Star Weekend

All-Star weekend, does it matter? No, not really, but if you decide to buy into it a little, and not get bogged down in the cynicism, then the All-Star spectacle can actually be fun to watch. Sure it means more to some players than others, but when you have guys like Alex Ovechkin blocking shots … Continue reading What I Want to See out of Brock Boeser over All-Star Weekend

The Effectiveness of Gulutzan’s Stick Throw

Edit (1/19/18): The Gulutzan info-graphic previously stated that the Flames' combined goal differential, for their 5 games before the stick throw was "-7". However, it was actually "-1" and the info-graphic has been adjusted accordingly, apologies for the error. Sometimes a little motivation goes a long way, whether that's figurative, regarding the emotional impact of … Continue reading The Effectiveness of Gulutzan’s Stick Throw

8 Elite 2018 WJC Players Owned By The Worst NHL Teams

Being a dedicated hockey fan to a struggling team can test anyone's patience, there are few things harder in a hockey fans world than waiting for his/her team to turn it around. Although while the fans wait and watch their current team, prospects in leagues below are proving their worth, and await the chance to … Continue reading 8 Elite 2018 WJC Players Owned By The Worst NHL Teams

Semi Finals: Jan 4th – Results

Belarus VS Denmark 2 - 3 Record (0-2) Relegation (2-0)┬áRelegation Goals Sushko, Litivinov Schmidt Svejstrup, Rondbjerg, Nielsen Next Game RELEGATED WJC 2019 United States VS Sweden 2 - 4 Record (4-2) (6-0) Goals Bellows, Tkachuk ┬áLindstrom, Jonsson Fjallby, Pettersson, Steen Next Game Jan 5th 4:00pm EST vs. Czech Republic Jan 5th 8:00pm EST vs. Canada … Continue reading Semi Finals: Jan 4th – Results

Quarter Finals: Jan 2nd – Results

Finland VS Czech Republic 3 - 4 Record (1-4) (3-2) Goals Juolevi, Rasanen, Vesalainen Zadina (2), Reichel, Necas Next Game ELIMINATED Jan 4nd 8:00pm EST vs. Canada Belarus VS Denmark 4 - 5 Record (0-1) Relegation (1-0) Relegation Goals Yeryomenko, Drozdov, Litvinov, Martynov Blichfeld (2), Grundtvig, Schultz, Rondbjerg Next Game Jan 4th 12:00pm EST vs. … Continue reading Quarter Finals: Jan 2nd – Results

Day 6: Dec 31st – Results

Czech Republic VS Switzerland 6 - 3 Record (2-2) (1-3) Goals Reichel (2), Kaut, Kurovsky, Necas, Lauko Riva, Jager, Rohrbach Next Game Jan 2nd 12:00pm EST vs. Finland Jan 2nd 4:00pm EST vs. Canada Finland VS United States 4 - 5 Record (1-3) (3-1) Goals Koppanen, Rasanen, Vesalainen, Tolvanen Anderson (2), Frederic, Mittelstadt, Fox Next … Continue reading Day 6: Dec 31st – Results